Science & Memory Science & Memory is a project of the University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communication with a mission to tell complex stories of climate and environment throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Faculty and students explore topics focusing on complexity in the environment such as salmon and other species, human experience in a changing world, resiliency, and environmental issues related to climate. Our goals are threefold: • use the journalistic, creative, and strategic tools of our professions to produce thoughtful and crafted work for audience understanding
 • connect complex issues through innovative scholarship and research and through compelling story forms
 • provide unparalleled experiential learning for students that will better prepare them for career and life
2016 Team Members 2015 Team Members 2014 Team Members
Andrea Willingham Brian Amdur Dan Morrison Emma Pindell Karly DeWees KJ Hellis Madison Cameron Mackenzie Moran Miro Merrill Paige DePaepe TJ Daniel Will Saunders J399 Class Allison Delfium August Frank Bengamin White Chloe Spencer Emilie Weiss Emily Haugbro Gabby Da Silva Gus McTeague Hannah Lewman Kevin Camacho Lauren Fields Natalie Waitt-Gibson Ryan Lund Sam Coffaro Sydney Humble Andy Abyeta Arty Farkas Ben McBee Breanne Schell Clint Wilson Emma Pindell Evan Norton Hayla Beck Jen Jackson Karly Dewees Kelsey Brunner Kyra Bailey Maria Kjellstrand Mel Burke Miro Merrill Nick Walcott Paige DePaepe Sierra Morgan Spencer Orofino Taylor Richmond Will Saunders Adrian Garcia Elora Overbey Grant Lemons Guru Amar Khalsa Helen Torney Jesse Crowell Jessica Hollowell Thurman Julia Reihs Julianne Parker Kevin Mataraci Lili Bayarmagnai Madison Kirby Mary Jane Schulte Mel Burke Mike Hobitzal Monica Sagowitz Pam Cressal Ryan Hagan Taylor Richmond
Faculty Team Torsten Kjellstrand Marquis Blaine Dan Morrison Deb Morrison