Dan Morrison

Scratchings on a cave wall. Bison and cave bears. People. People with weapons most of the time.

Visual storytelling is in our DNA. I’ve been lucky enough to get paid to do it, and now to teach it.

I became a freelance photojournalist in 1982 and worked in a few war zones. Latin America, Africa, the Middle East. People with weapons.

Later I began doing high-risk adventure travel stories. Spent the night alone in Dracula’s castle in Romania. Lived a bit with cannibals in Papua, New Guinea. Stayed with headhunters in Borneo. Chased elephants in Kenya. Spent nearly four months at Everest Basecamp with an expedition that put three men on the summit.

Now I teach. And I am blessed to work at a journalism school that supports work that matters. Such as taking students to the Copper River Delta to study climate change. Birds and dragonflies. Salmon. No cave bears, but lots of brown bears.

Scratchings on a cave wall. Yes, but it matters.

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