Maria Kjellstrand

I worked as a writer and photographer for the Elodea/Disruption team. As a part of that, I helped work on a story about declining populations of Boreal Toads (photos, interviews, and audio) and a series of profiles of Cordova fishermen (audio).

As an Environmental Studies major at Carleton College (she doesn’t even go here!) I’ve looked at environmental issues within the framework of a variety of academic disciplines. But there’s a difference between classroom discussions and trekking into a natural resource-centered community to see and hear about the effects of climate change in person. Participating in this program is an incredible opportunity to finally see, learn about, and document climate change and its repercussions on the ground and in real time—and to do so in a creative and beautiful way.

I hope these stories will bring a sense of tangibility to an immense and nebulous issue like climate change. I hope they inspire their audience to learn more and make a change.


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