Art Data Narrative A visual manifesto to the university leadership; who we are, what our aim is, and what we are doing.
Coloring Cordova Snapshots of climate change impact in coloring book format.
Data Narrative: Eyak Lake The science and story of a place.
Plastics The world collects as trash washed up on a remote Alaskan beach. A study on ocean currents and global waste.
Women of Science Gun-slingin' field researchers look nothing like the white lab coat you would expect of a scientist.
Science & Tradition Graduate student Andrea Willingham pursues her thesis researching the intersection of salmon and people in both traditional knowledge and scientific knowledge.
ABC's of Climate Change A series of posters designed to inform and inspire students in the Journalism building to consider climate change issues.
Elodea From fish tanks to fisheries.
Baird Canyon Upriver studies in fish counting, the scientific process behind population tracking.