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How Culture Shapes the Climate Change Debate by Andrew J. Hoffman Houston, We Have a Narrative by Randy Olson The Sea Around Us by Rachel Carson
Field Notes from a Catastrophe by Elizabeth Kolbert Salmon Without Rivers by Jim Lichatowich
Internet Articles:
We’re being overwhelmed by our waste. A series on ocean plastics.
Home for 56 million sockeye salmon, the streams of the Bristol Bay watershed in southwest Alaska are being sought after by Canadian mining company. Under the Trump administration, it could become a mine.
When salmon were first listed on the federal Endangered Species Act nearly 20 years ago, we were forced to ask what it means when a city like Seattle is declared the critical habitat of an endangered fish.
Disasters costing taxpayers billions of dollars in relief and the tab will only increase as extreme weather events become more common.
Researchers at Oregon State University have discovered one of the worst dead zones in a decade off the Oregon Coast.
Heat bleaches sea anemones, too, causing the iconic clownfish to stop laying eggs.
New York Times magazine long-form story.
Along parts of the East Coast, the entire system of insuring coastal property is beginning to break down.
The Great Barrier is close to being wiped out and there is “zero chance” of its massive dead zones springing back to life, scientists have warned.
Interactive data maps.
When the sea turns green...
Climate change close to home.
The reality of a new weather system where super storms are the norm.
Pew Research