Ocean Overview
Behind the Scenes
Sea Stars

Stories of a mysterious disease that wiped out sea star populations up and down the Oregon coast.


Translucent organisms started arriving on the Oregon Coast in large quantities likely due to warming waters.

Estuary Overview

Float along the Coos Estuary with researchers  studying ocean physics, water dynamics, and salmonid populations.

Scientists of the South Slough
Life on the Slough

Coquille tribal member, Tom Younker, has lived on the South Slough Estuary for over 75 years and witnessed changes in the vital ecosystems.

Salmon Overview
Art Connection

Not only does water guide field research, watercolors help express the vibrancy and creativity that goes into Science and Memory.

Winchester: No Dam Reason

Although there is a fish ladder at the Winchester Dam, to help fish advance through the river, the dam's existence serves no purpose other than recreation.

Siuslaw Spawn

See a morning of spawning on the Siuslaw River with the Salmon Trout Enhancement Program