All images from Science & Memory Oregon Coast students and faculty. Ocean Science Resources by SOJC and OIMB student Becky Hoag. Interactivity and Design by Justin Hartney.

Beneath the water along the rugged Oregon coast, lay thousands of little worlds. Seaweeds create underwater solar gardens that feed the population for these six feet wide cities. The vibrant colors of tide pools contrast the darker tones of the coast. Beachgoers shoes squish anemones that squirt out water. Crabs crawl in the rockholes when they notice the presence of potential danger. The communities of tide pools function as a unit; organisms provide nutrients for each other. The health of a tide pool represents the health of our planet.

Organisms of a Tidepool by Justin Hartney

43° 18' 17.4564'' N     124° 24' 3.7332'' W