Swimming Upstream

This Story Map is the terminal thesis project of Andrea Willingham, Master of Science Candidate in Environmental Studies at the University of Oregon. The purpose of this tool is to use multimedia to explore Local and Traditional Ecological Knowledge, and science around climate change in Cordova, AK. This project should be viewed as a platform for stories and a living document, more so than a conclusive, static product. The intent is that it has all the elements of a completed narrative, but with space to grow and expand within the parameters set. It is meant to provide an academic grounding to real-world issues affecting communities in Alaska today, looking at Cordova as a model. It is meant to be a resource for educators, decision makers, natural resource users, and other interested community members in Cordova. And finally, it is meant to put a human face on otherwise large and abstract issues, connecting people outside of Alaska to issues that affect the state, and ultimately come back to affect them.